Size Guide

All of our products work with every model Apple Watch.
Simply choose your case size (38mm/40mm or 42mm/44mm) and you're set!

Sport Band for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm, S-M fits 125mm-165mm wrists
38mm/40mm, M-L fits 145mm-190mm wrists
42mm/44mm, S-M fits 130mm-170mm wrists
42mm/44mm, M-L fits 150mm-210mm wrists

Sport Band Active for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm, S-M fits 125mm-165mm wrists
38mm/40mm, M-L fits 145mm-190mm wrists
42mm/44mm, S-M fits 130mm-170mm wrists
42mm/44mm, M-L fits 150mm-210mm wrists

Solo Loop for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm, Small fits 140mm-158mm wrists
38mm/40mm, Medium fits 154mm-174mm wrists
38mm/40mm, Large fits 170mm-192mm wrists
42mm/44mm, Small fits 155mm-175mm wrists
42mm/44mm, Medium fits 173mm-196mm wrists
42mm/44mm, Large fits 187mm-213mm wrists
If your size is between two sizes, it is best to order the smaller size.

Sport Loop for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 125mm-200mm wrists
42mm/44mm fits 140mm-220mm wrists

Sport Loop Active for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 125mm-200mm wrists
42mm/44mm fits 140mm-220mm wrists

Woven Nylon for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 125mm-180mm wrists
42mm/44mm fits 145mm-210mm wrists

Milanese Loop for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 130mm-230mm wrists
42mm/44mm fits 135mm-255mm wrists

Link Bracelet for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 150mm-210mm wrists
42mm/44mm fits 160mm-220mm wrists

Classic Leather Buckle for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 120mm-180mm wrists
42mm/44mm fits 125mm-185mm wrists

Tapered Leather Buckle for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 125mm-190mm wrists
42mm/44mm fits 135mm-195mm wrists

Leather Loop for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 145mm-190mm wrists
42mm/44mm fits 155mm-200mm wrists

Single Tour Leather for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 135mm-190mm wrists
42mm/44mm fits 145mm-200mm wrists

Double Tour Leather for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 135mm-170mm wrists
42mm/44mm fits 145mm-180mm wrists

Modern Buckle for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 140mm-170mm wrists
42mm/44mm fits 145mm-175mm wrists

Leather Cuff for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 135mm-190mm wrists
42mm/44mm fits 145mm-200mm wrists

Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple Watch

38mm (Series 1-3) fits 38mm Apple Watch Series 0, 1, 2, 3
42mm (Series 1-3) fits 42mm Apple Watch Series 0, 1, 2, 3
40mm (Series 4-5) fits 40mm Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6, SE
44mm (Series 4-5) fits 44mm Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6, SE